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Created in 2000, Euro Tech Conseil is a software development company specialized in the creation of complex specific IT tools.

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A Customized Application for Streamlining Order Processing and Data Management

Client: ASECNA

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency

Euro Tech Conseil has expertly crafted a bespoke application with accessibility for various user roles. Its primary goal was to enhance the efficiency of supply and repair order management, packaging, exemptions, and transportation, thereby replacing outdated procedures. The application boasts an array of impressive features, including user data correction, statistical data management, and automated document generation.

Development of a PWA for Enhanced Construction Site Safety Inspections

Client: Hydrogeotechnique

Smart Solutions for Safer Sites

Hydrogeotechnique partnered with Euro Tech Conseil to create a sophisticated
web-based solution for optimizing safety inspections at construction sites without internet coverage.

Tailored Web App for New Vehicle Control


Simplify your workflow

CEVA LOGISTICS enlisted Euro Tech Conseil to develop a web application dedicated to entering detected damage on vehicles during inspection and the extraction of entered data.

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