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Custom Web Application Development

Client: ASECNA

ASECNA represents a successful model of cooperative airspace management, with over fifty years of existence.

Client background

ASECNA, The Agency for Aerial Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar, is a dedicated organization that plays a crucial role in safeguarding air navigation in the region. With its vast experience and specialized knowledge, ASECNA is committed to managing airspace effectively and enhancing aviation security in Africa and Madagascar.


ASECNA has a long-standing tool that does not support the generation of purchase orders and other internal documents used by employees. This implies that the current solution has its limitations and cannot meet all the technological needs of the company.

Project Context

Asecna has decided to engage an IT service provider with the necessary skills to develop a new software for invoice editing, transportation orders, and packaging. The company aims to have a more modern and tailored management solution that meets its business expectations and needs.


Euro Tech Conseil has undertaken the development of a customized application that is accessible to various users (super admin, administrator, and user), each with different roles and permissions based on their profile. This solution will facilitate the process of managing supply and repair orders, packaging, exemption, and transportation, replacing all the existing outdated procedures. Several features will be available, including user data correction and validation, statistical data management, and automated document generation.


The recent solution has replaced an outdated management system that no longer met the requirements of Asecna. This application has enabled the automatic production of standardized and corrected documents, while avoiding double data entry. It will be capable of handling the entire production chain in an automated manner.