What is a mobile CRM solution?


A mobile CRM solution is the abbreviation used to refer to customer relationship management system for mobile data carriers.
Thanks to such a solution you will be able to manage your customer portfolio from your smartphone, tablet and any other device which can be connected to the internet.
This management software makes it possible to salespeople, marketers and other customer service contributors to access and manage their information in real time and from anywhere. Indeed, the development of a mobile CRM allows you to continue your business processes quickly and successfully. In other words a CRM solution, offers your teams total mobility and transparency. Similarly, it allows them to communicate, access documents and do business while on the move.

What are the benefits of a mobile solution CRM for businesses?

A CRM solution is one of a company’s most important assets. It streamlines operations and reduces human errors thanks to its systematic and automated approach. Actually, with a traditional management version, you can only use the valuable functions of your software at your workplace.
Thus, thanks to a mobile CRM applications, you can go to your customers, have meetings outside your office, display your products with ease. Similarly ; such application would make it possible to access at any time certain information of your CRM, such as :

  • First of all, the present state of prospects management
  • Similarly, the client contact list
  • As well as for example the ticketing management system,

In fact, a mobile CRM solution is a guarantee of more productivity, performance and responsiveness on the part of managers, sales people and marketing specialists.

In short, the advantages of a mobile CRM solution for companies are obvious:

  • So with your mobile CRM, your employees can work anywhere as they can easily access data.
  • And of course, their customers also expect real-time information for faster décisions.

Who is the mobile CRM targeting?

The mobile CRM is aimed at service providers as well as at commercial companies. In fact, mobile CRM application can suit any professional who need to manage their customer base wherever they are.
For example, the banking system depends heavily on the use of a CRM software.
The software solutions of mobile CRM are custom designed for the banking sector, they are designed to facilitate personalized treatment of customers based on their identification, informed by their needs, behaviours and preferences, « customized ». The banking CRM solutions are designed to have a more cantered structure on the customer based on the customer’s knowledge.
Similarly, mobile CRM can be a practical and effective solution for university complexes and campuses.Thus, it facilitates the management of students and teachers in the different institutions. In fact, in an increasingly connected world mobile CRM has become increasingly important for organizations who manage various training centers.

In what way mobile CRM is important ?

Businesses today are changing faster than ever. So when you’re away or on the go, at the sales point or during a meeting, with a mobile CRM solution such as SIMPLE CRM you can :

  • First, access customer data
  • Among other things, process a command.
  • In addition, manage completely your accounts .

Moreover, by opting for a well planned strategy, mobile CRM, your company, draws upon its resources and manages efficiently and with fast growth its sales teams. Similarly, mobile CRM solution gives marketers the information they need to build relationships and close deals.
Here’s why the development of a structured mobile CRM is important for your company/

  • Stay connected anytime, anywhere :
    With a mobile CRM, managers can monitor the latest developments regarding salespeople and communicate transparently with team members.
  • Stay informed :
    Get a customized and clear of all your schedule on a single screen. Prioritize tasks and collaborate with team members to intelligently manage work in a timely manner.
  • Save time and work smarter :
    Synchronize your e-mails, the meetings, the calls and contact information straight from your mailbox to add speed, intelligence and a personal touch to each client interaction.
  • Quick access to information in real-time :
    Examine dashboards and reports to instantly make decisions based on reliable data. Add and update customer information anytime, anywhere, even when you’re offline.
  • View customer data in one place :
    Get relevant client data, business information and chat history in one place for valuable business information.

What are the functionalities of a Mobile CRM ?

A perfect Mobile CRM it includes all the features contained in the desktop version. However certain companies like the banks, the insurance firms and hotels for instance, need to develop a customized CRM. Such software will be designed in such a way that it fully meets your needs… It is in a way a kind of solution dedicated to your activity.
In contrast all CRM have common features . It will probably be necessary to customize the system to meet specific business objectives. This is why it is essential to develop a customized CRM.


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