General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) :

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new concept mainly addressed to properly handle the circulation of personal private data. This procedure aims to strengthen companies’ relationships with their customers while maintaining legal conditions.

Euro Tech Conseil carries out all its software development projects in a professional and legitimate framework while respecting the laws imposed by the CNIL.

Transparent communications :

Our company operates and ensures its professional relationships according to the principles proposed by the GDPR. We only transfer accurate, complete, and transparent information to the relevant and concerned parties. This will establish a strong trust foundation with our potential customers while ensuring:

Good control of sensitive data
Understanding of all processing reasons

Fair use of confidential information

Our discussions are always recorded, either through phone messages or written exchanges, and even through visible information panels such as videos, to ensure all details preservation.

Data processing in compliance with the standards specified by the GDPR :

Euro Tech Conseil establishes professional relationships through valid and signed contracts under applicable law. This approach gives us the authorization to use all private data according to the requirements of the concerned parties. Each contractual relationship obliges us to respect all shared conventions and requests from our partners. Our data processing managers always take into account all legal obligations.

They conduct a well-defined and transparent examination with a precision of exploitation purposes. Our collaborations are provided to achieve legitimate interests and we deliver quality services for our targeted customers and not the other way around. Our company assumes full responsibility for preserving vital interests and would never delivering them to non-concerned parties.