Euro Tech Conseil is aware of the fact that every company attaches great importance to the confidentiality of their information.In all our IT  projects , the majority of our customers are interested in the first place in how we use, share and protect their data. Our company offers you its NDA to reassure you about the protection of your sensitive and private information.

We may be of service when it comes to your  databases that we consider like ours

We know that your business data is valuable capital for your business and we devote all our efforts to keep them through.

  • Automatic recording of data from your professional environment on a server and in separate locations.
  • The security of your files with cryptography to maintain their storage and their transfer.
  • The firewalls that exist in our data centers and which can block every hacking attempt  and control all internet connection

Only employees who have a pass from Euro-Tech Conseil, have permission to access their information. We are committed to :

  • Never make a copy, partial or total, of all the information sent by our customers.
  • Maintain the design of every project.
  • Use the data provided for the benefit of a single project.
  • Operate in accordance with each file received by our targeted personnel
  • Apply all confidentiality measures and which remain in force from the beginning until the end of each project.

Euro Tech Conseil works with complete transparency and is interested in technology investments against data breaches.