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There are still entrepreneurs and companies who think that the internet is in a way “magic”. Of course, you have to have your website so that customers can find the company in question. But, and there are many reasons for that, we do not know how the whole process of “Internet presence” works.

Indeed, all questions about SEO and advertising on search engines prove that this subject is too little known even though it is crucial. That’s why companies like “Euro Tech Conseil” offer their know-how so that gaining visibility through the Internet will no longer be in the realm of magic.

The know-how of

Euro Tech Conseil

Euro Tech Conseil is a French company specializing in SEO websites. This means that his know-how ensures that you have your website, online store or blog on the first page of Google results.

This condition is essential to the visibility of your site on the Internet. The omnipresence of Google and users habits to watch only the first responses to a query make it a positioning that is both complicated to obtain and at the same time, of great value. It is the job of giving well-advices that the company provides to give you all means to get to the top of this page.

SEO and visibility go through two complementary techniques, called SEO and SEA.


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Techniques deployed

at your service

SEO, for Search Engine Optimization, requires the implementation of a number of techniques to ensure that Google sees the full potential of your site. Creation of links, mesh of pages, structuring of the Internet pages, semantic work on the contents, the possibilities are very numerous and adapted according to many parameters.

SEO makes it possible to work effectively and in the long term on SEO. The SEA has a short-term scope because it is a positioning at the top of Google pages in the category of sponsored links via Adwords advertising. These links are recognized as the term “Announcements” precedes them. Again, advertising on Google is not comparable in terms of strategy compared to physical and direct advertising.

If the SEA budget can be substantial, let it be handled by a professional who will therefore optimize your costs. A professional is recognized in particular by its Adwords certification, delivered by Google itself. This certification ensures the seriousness and the professionalism of the speaker as well as an exemplary knowledge of Adwords.

The choice

of the expert

Referencing your website, ensuring an effective and profitable presence on the net, is a job which requires intervention of professionals. If the basics can be learned without specific requirements and in a self-taught way, they do not correspond to the needs of a company in search of permanent success on the internet. The fact of making a choice of going ahead with the help of EURO TECH CONSEIL means making the choice of seriousness and voting undoubtedly for experience.

Based in Paris since 2000, the company has gone through all the major changes in the Internet while continuing to offer its customers, from SMEs to large accounts, an excellent level and quality of service. Knowing how to analyze your site, knowing how to make a competitive intelligence, working on net-linking, deepening semantic optimization and many other techniques are the daily life of the expert teams which makes part of this company. With “Euro Tech Conseils”, success is at your fingertips.