Custom Software Development

We do not do anything without computers nowadays, without a computerized management of one’s processes, sales and accountings. If using computers is quite normal in these fields and tasks, paradoxically, software solutions are not always up to par.

Loss of time and money, technical constraints, IT is definitively the solution but sometimes constitutes is the problem. Therefore the exception stands: making tailor-made computer software is necessary for your business, whatsoever.

Customized software

the development process

Whatever your field of activity may be, there are already several software, some of which are installed by default on your PCs. But this does not mean that everything you do is managed by a software or that you do possess this perfect fully-functional software: there is always disadvantageous and pointless functions; a real basket case.

Custom software is actually the opposite. Thanks to a thorough audit of your activity and your specific needs in relation with your domain, you will be able to determine the content of this software yourself. Specific ergonomics, related to your tasks and the progress of these ones, will also allow designing a fast and simple interface to use that can be attractive and ergonomic at a same pace.

Adapted today to your business, custom software has the great strength to comply with your new constraints over time in a long term perspective.


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The Software

as a strong and authentic productivity ally

Your bespoke software is of course, an ally for your success thanks to both increased productivity and visibility. Not only is it designed to make every task easier, but communication, data exchange, information sharing or information retrieval are also done in a more fluid way since it is perfectly tailored to your needs and suitable to your necessities. Perfectly optimized for your core business, you do not risk wasting time since each user has access only to what concerns him from a purely technical point of view.

From an economic point of view this solution is clearly thought and should be actually considered for to your own sake and to the instant and permanent success of your company. While large companies require expensive annual licenses per user, the cost here is global and calculated only according to your needs while the rest of conventional software are never used or operated at a 100% capacity.

You will also appreciate its ability to evolve, bringing you as your company develops the latest up-to-date technical solutions to help you prosper and get to the top of your potential performance.

Euro Tech Conseil

Custom Software development

Installed in the world of computing for nearly 20 years, the company “Euro Tech Conseil” accompanies you in the whole process of developing your own tailor-made software. From the early audit of your clear-cut needs to the regular update of your computer programs, including the technical support of the staff of the company, everything is taken care of. From customized multifunctional business software designed for SMEs to larger and bigger companies and thus, challenges, the expertise, proficiency and dexterity of Euro Tech Conseil’s internal teams and crews, is at your doorstep.

Whatever your sector of activity may be, be it trade or even industry or public services, the design of your custom software will be exactly according to your criteria, taking into account all the parameters that make your specificity and contribute eventually at your success. With Euro Tech Conseil, you choose the support of a recognized company, a solid community that not only designs software or applications, but also outsources and provides cloud computing services.

And thus, you know that your project is in good hands. Bet on innovation, bet on Euro Tech Conseil, your official and acknowledged world-class software designer.