Audit and consulting

A permanent watch on your computer system is essential to protect it from all kinds of risk.

Collaborating with a company dedicated to supporting and ensuring audit and consulting also allows you to have at any time a qualified associate to provide solutions to your computer problems at any given time.

The role of

an IT audit and consulting agency

An IT audit and consulting agency is responsible for bringing improvements and optimizations to the IT services of a given company. It imagines and designs solutions adapted to its lacks, necessities and insufficiencies. Its services include various interventions, including troubleshooting, maintenance, conceptualization or management.

It deals with cybersecurity and prevents digital risks that can cause major damage in terms of equipment, finances and partnerships at a vast array. The reliability and protection of sensitive data, accounts and information requires a specific features and skills that our team held in high esteem on the international market. It also ensures that the IT architecture is in line with the most recent technological developments at some point, the particular needs of users on the other part and the requirements of the partners of the company in the same way. The agency is also responsible for ensuring the relevance of your computer system in a constant state of evolution. The audit thus makes it possible to detect any faults and then to improve them in order to engage in securing the company’s equipment as much as possible.

Optimization is a vital key to project guaranteed success as it increases productivity on the spot, while reducing expenses incurred in certain tasks or sectors. When a company makes significant changes in its operating model and procedures, upgrades and reviews case-by-case its equipment, an audit and advisory mission is on the agenda: adapting the system to the latest features seems on the horizon.


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A reliable and trusted partner

for your audit and consulting

The team specialized in IT audit and consulting intervenes both with companies and individuals. Make the most of the skillfulness and ingenuity of our qualified technicians to help you respond quickly, safely and efficiently to server crashes, computer hangovers, or connection issues. Specialists can also repair a malfunctioning printer or restore a whole computer system infested with viruses. A free estimate that we can simply send you, allows you to find the best solution for your problem as well as the best arrangement for your budget. A solid group of pros is at your disposal to guarantee the proper functioning of your IT equipment at anytime.

With many years of expertise, our specialized company puts forward all its adroitness and ability at your disposal. You will be exchanging ideas, plans and strategies with an authorized service center for trained and certified personnel. You will definitively have access to a fast service and will profit from our unique sense of making the fact of respecting delays, times and periods of intervention our first priority, according to the nature itself of the project.

Euro Tech Conseil staff is qualified to intervene on all brands and all types of computer equipment. The agency also relies on its partnership with leading companies like Asus, Wanadoo, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Free, Sky etc. This way and beyond the shadow of a doubt, you will entrust the security of your system to a highly qualified agency once-for-all.

The right solutions

for all IT problems

Every IT problem has its solving when you contact at the first place, a professional team in auditing and consulting. We offer you the possibility to assist you during the installation, maintenance and repair of your computer system (IT).

In addition, you have access to a wide choice of famous branded hardware and software equipment. You also benefit from setting up wired and wireless networks and being able to properly manage them on a regular basis. Deployment and migration are other services that you can ask for when needed and at any moment.

Our services also include assistance, constant and unconditional help and a full backup solution to prevent any possible data loss. In addition to maintenance comes telephone support with an unlimited number of calls that is also available in the large range of our services packages.